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About the Project


The purpose of the Intraracial Colorism Project is to study and report the effects of colorism on the thought processes, views, opinions, behavior, and skin color preferences of people of color. We propose to develop strategies to educate, enlighten and eventually eradicate colorism. The Intraracial Colorism Project, Inc., through donations, sponsorship and other funding, will investigate colorism using several project components that include a focus on unity of people of color.


The mission of the Intraracial Colorism Project, Inc. is to investigate and report the existence and occurrences of colorism among people of color throughout the United States and abroad; to develop strategies to eradicate colorism by encouraging positive and inclusive thought processes, views, opinions and behaviors; to educate all members of society of the detrimental effects of colorism; and to encourage members of society to embrace the diversity of all people.


The vision of the Intraracial Colorism Project, Inc. is to educate the world of the existence and detrimental effects of colorism and to be instrumental in educating all members in society of the importance of embracing the diversity of all people and unity of people of color.


The specific goals of the project are:


  • Identify victims of intraracial colorism among people of color by geographic location
  • Collect new data that may be used for additional studies on colorism
  • Determine if intraracial colorism is a systemic problem among people of color by racial group
  • Identify the types of intraracial colorism acts that occur at a high rate
  • Identify the category areas that include high rates of occurrences of intraracial colorism discrimination
  • Educate members of society of the existence of intraracial colorism
  • Encourage community organizations, churches, educational institutions, employers and others to provide education and training about intraracial colorism
  • Develop measures to propose, recommend, identify, and/or implement strategies, ideas, programs, education initiatives and the like that will help minimize and eventually eradicate occurrences of colorism among people of color
  • Coordinate efforts of independent researchers, subject matter experts and other members of the community to work on joint projects
  • Develop a comprehensive documentary on intraracial colorism among people of color.
  • Develop and produce the Journal of Colorism Studies
  • Produce theatrical performances to help members of the community understand the detrimental effects of intraracial colorism among people of color
  • Bring together community members from various disciplines, occupations, education levels, racial groups and ages, together to work towards developing methods to address colorism among people of color
  • Deliver an electronic global magazine, Taco Magazine that will provide information relative to colorism
  • Organize community events and encourage community members to discuss intraracial colorism at community functions
  • Develop and provide webinars on various intraracial colorism topics
  • Produce the play “Colorstruck”
  • Develop a volume of essays on colorism for publication

Project Accomplishments in 2012
In 2012, The Intraracial Colorism Project successfully launched the following project components:

  • Incorporation of The Intraracial Colorism Project 
  • Established the Board of Directors
  • The Dynamics of Colorism Talk Radio show
  • The Journal of Colorism Studies (JOCS)
  • Developed the structure of Taco Magazine
  • Developed the website and Blog
  • Completed writing the play “Colorstruck” 
  • Developed the Survey on Colorism 
  • Developed and currently administering the Colorism and Diversity Survey
  • Recruited team members to work on the project
  • Developed the webinar “Colorism, A Psychic Prison


2013-2014 Project Goals

  • Hire Staff and obtain office space
  • Obtain non-profit status
  • Obtain sponsorship, donations and other funding
  • Design and administer The National Survey on Colorism
  • Launch Taco Magazine
  • Produce the play “Colorstruck”
  • Begin the documentary series “Out in the Open”
  • Organize the Conference on Colorism for 2014
  • Complete the Colorism Case Studies
  • Launch the Taco Group
  • Develop the Colorism Curriculum
  • Provide webinars, training, and educational workshops on colorism
  • Produce special edition (hard copies) of the Journal of Colorism Studies and Taco Magazine for the Conference on Colorism in 2014
  • Complete the Essays on Colorism Project
  • Publish the first volume of the Journal of Colorism Studies
  • Develop the People of Color Skin Color Identification Chart (POCSCIC)

Dr. Donnamaria Culbreth 
Founder & CEO

Dr. Donnamaria Culbreth founded the Intraracial Colorism Project in 2009, began developing the project components shortly thereafter, created a web presence in 2009 and incorporated the project in 2012. Accomplishments as of December 2012 include the Journal of Colorism Studies, The Dynamics of Colorism Talk Radio show, the Diversity and Colorism Survey, organizing the Planning Committee for the Conference on Colorism, and the TACO (talking about colorism out in the open) Group.

Through donations, sponsorship and other funding, The Intraracial Colorism Project, Inc. will launch the following components of the project in 2014/2015: Complexity; Out in the Open Presentation and Community Series; a webinar series; curriculum on colorism; begin development of the documentary series Out in the Open; launch the Diversity Series; production of Dr. Culbreth's play "Colorstruck"; and host the Conference on Colorism (2015).

Dr. Culbreth is also the founder and CEO of I Am Beautiful-ICP, a campaign of the Intraracial Colorism Project, Inc. that focuses on building the self-esteem, self-love, self-respect and self-pride of girls of color within the United States and abroad. 

Higher Education Experience

Dr. Culbreth has worked in higher education for over 15 years and has held various positions including professor, subject matter expert, course developer, mentor, consultant, Vice President of Operations, Assessment and Institutional Research, Director of Curriculum Design and Development, Director of Assessment, and Vice President of Employee Relations. 

Professional Experience

Professional experiences include serving as managing partner and consultant at Culbreth, Jung-Kim & Severino  (formerly Culbreth Educational Associates and Giovanni Elex Management). Culbreth, Jung-Kim & Severino specializes in colorism, diversity, education, business, management and human resource management consulting.

Dr. Culbreth's published dissertation consisted of an empirical investigation of the presence of intraracial colorism discrimination among Black Americans in the workplace. In addition to the Intraracial Colorism Project, Dr. Culbreth's agenda includes working on several projects, articles, a book about colorism, production of the play Colorstruck, continued research and further expansion and development of the Intraracial Colorism Project, Inc. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Colorism Studies, Founder and CEO of I Am Beautiful Global, Inc., President of the National Girls and Women of Color Council, Inc. (NGWCC), President of Complexity Publishing, LLC, Founder of Fabulously Fifty Women of Color, and host of  Complexity Talk Radio - Complexity Live


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