The Intraracial Colorism Project, Inc.







The Intraracial Colorism Project, Inc. will produce Colorstruck in 2014-2015. Colorstruck is a play about colorism and is one of the project components. Colorstruck (written by Dr. Culbreth in 2012) provides a poignant view of the detrimental effects of colorism.

Colorism is a serious issue that continues to separate and divide the Black community. “Colorstruck” provides a poignant examination of the effects of colorism in the lives of a family torn apart by the mother’s obsession with light skin and hatred for dark skin. The play takes place over a 17 year period in the lives of the Kentagould family.
Through dialogue and poetry about colorism, the historical origins and perspectives of colorism within the Black community are revealed. Momentous dialogue includes Rory Kentagould’s comments, behavior and bold confession of her dislike for her dark skinned daughter Ebony; discussion of the light skin and dark skin color dynamic within the Black community; the light skin superiority complex versus the dark skin inferiority complex; Marise Kentagould’s touching reminiscence of the colorism tests used to separate and divide Black Americans; and the heartbreaking and tragic tale of Kara Evans of her experience as a perpetrator of colorism when she was younger.

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