The Intraracial Colorism Project, Inc.






Conference on Colorism

Topic: Colorism in America: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Location:  Maryland (TBD)


Over the past several years, research has been conducted and discussions have been held on colorism (intraracial and interracial) involving people of color. However, a collective forum focusing on why colorism has and continues to plague people of color has not taken place.

 The Conference on Colorism proposes to:

  •  Bring together members of the community who have contributed, continue to contribute and are interested in learning about colorism.
  •  Build a solid and intellectual foundation for further studies, community discussions, and exploration of colorism among people of color
  • Provide an opportunity to present past research, share new research findings, work, ideas, theories and new information
  • Serve as a medium to develop networks for continued research in the field, provide training, community discussions, open dialogue, historical perspectives, data, and address concerns on colorism from yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • To educate and inform members of the community and develop strategies for addressing colorism issues among people of color.


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