The Intraracial Colorism Project, Inc.







Colorism is detrimental to the emotional well-being of victims and perpetrators as well. This page contains resources to help adults, children, pre-teens and teens deal with colorism and identity concerns. 

NGWCC was formed to be a council for educators, administrators, business leaders, parents/guardians, students, community leaders, and community organizations to address and discuss historical and societal perspectives, write papers, research, educate, and be advocates for girls and women of color. Despite the increase in visibility of girls and women of color in the areas of work and education, the scope needs to continue to widen, so they are a vital part of literature, media, and society. For when this happens, there are undeniable gains for all girls and women of color, and for society to flourish.  We encourage girls and young women of color to join NGWCC as your voices are valuable and needed.

I Am Beautiful Global, Inc. is a campaign that celebrates girls, pre-teens, and teens of color. The campaign is designed to focus on girls of color embracing the color of their skin and living life beautiful by demonstrating positive self-love, self-respect, self-esteem, self-identity, and self-pride (the foundation of beautiful). Beautiful girls are Balanced, Empowered, Achievers, Unique, Tenacious, Inspired, Fascinating, Uplifting, and Loving.   

Colorism Discussion Boards. 

Site designed to provide inspiration to women of color transitioning and living life fabulous in their fifties. 

Ms. Hubbard is a licensed professional counselor located in the Chicago suburbs who utilizes solution focused therapy, emotional focused therapy, and attachment theory. She is a professionally trained marriage and family counselor working primarily with court mandated families and children and provides advocacy services for minor children.

As a biracial woman, Ms. Hubbard takes a profound interest in biracial advocacy and best practices related to biracial individuals in the counseling setting. She has presented at The Mixed Race Studies Conference and currently blogs about counseling topics and biracial concerns. Ms. Hubbard incorporates play therapy and takes special interest in biracial identity development using post-modern treatment. Her photo was included in the October 2013 National Geographic article “The Changing Face of America”.