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TACO Community Group
 (Talking about Colorism Out in the Open)


TACO is a group developed to openly discuss colorism. Group members will share experiences, ask questions, share thoughts, ideas, collaborate and unite people of color. Through community and other initiatives, TACO will be instrumental in helping to build self-esteem and encourage all members of society to embrace the diversity of people of color.

will make a difference by developing initiatives and programs that will encourage change.

              Be a part of the change that is need!

Join the TACO discussions at POCTACO:

POCTACO (people of color talking about colorism out in the open) was launched on January 21, 2014. 

The purpose of POCTACO is to share information, hold discussions on various colorism topics, and to post questions for Dr. Culbreth and guests to answer via the discussion boards and live on the air on The Dynamics of Colorism Talk Radio .

POCTACO is where we will TACO (talk about colorism out in the open). Discussion topics include:

Black Women and Colorism 

Black Men and Colorism

Colorism and Children/Teens


The Media and Colorism

Families and Colorism

Standards of Beauty


Colorism resources on the web links are also provided. 




Be a part of the change that is needed!

To form a
TACO Group in your community, please contact us at: 


Share your experiences, thoughts and feelings about colorism.



Ask questions and share ideas that may help address colorism issues.

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Be a part of the change that is needed!